Friday, February 12, 2010

So much to do this weekend - most of it in Pontiac!

My, oh my, so much to do this weekend! So many musical stylings to hear live and in person. Though you hardly need my guidance, these are the shows on my radar:

Tonight -
52 Week High for free dollars at the Pike Room It's free, and their song "Stimulus" is the best political number of the year. I will not be attending sadly, as I have socks to darn. Plus this idea of something being "free" feels wrong. I love to pay for things. Especially parking.

Tomorrow - Women: A Night of Art and Culture at the Crofoot Industrial Complex in Pontiac Again in that far away place of Pontiac Michigan! So many great bands, artists and even lady comedians (these exist? We'll just see about that).

Sunday - FAWN w/ The Cold Wave at the Loving Touch in Ferndale
This Sunday take a break from Pontiac and go to a place in Ferndale with a name that could easily be mistaken for that of an "oriental massage" parlour. After all, that's the kind of place you usually go on Valentine's Day by yourself, right? Plus it's your first chance to see FAWN do a full set. You can
read more about FAWN in this week's Metro Times. The article is just so good.

Monday -
Leslie and the Ly's at the Pike Room in Pontiac
After a day away, you're missing Pontiac right? Well, go back on Monday and experience Leslie and the Ly's. Champions Of Breakfast will be playing as well! If this video doesn't convince you, I bet nothing will.

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