Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonder Twins: Women: A Celebration of Art & Culture @ the Crofoot

If you didn't get your estrogen fix last Saturday at the Women: A Celebration of Art & Culture, you can get a taste of what you missed via this week's Wonder Twins. If you did, you can relive moments of the evening through the eyes of these very special ladies. You can also play a game called, "How many times did the Wonder Twins use the word 'vagina' in this week's column?" (Answer: Lots of times, though, "No more than any other column" is also an acceptable response).

It was a really nice event, and Phreddy Wischusen should be proud of his little lady brainchild. My only complaint was that more than once during the evening, the music being played in between sets via compact disc started to skip. And skip. And skip. And nobody immediately stopped it. I don't think there is a sound in the world that makes me more violent than that of a CD on the fritz when nobody with the power to stop it taking notice. It's like psychological torture. I know people get busy and wrapped up on stuff, but this seems to happen a lot at restaurants and stores etc. Knock it off, please.

If I've riled you up, check out these Post-Its that look like tiny blades of grass. It will relax you.


D'Anne Witkowski said...

Did you just refer to us as "these very special ladies?" What is wrong with you?

(Laura) said...

I'm celebrating. Our womanhood.

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