Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sing Your Life

If you're wondering how big a music nerd you are, you will easily be able to tell by how long this NPR link keeps you occupied...

50 Great Voices: Help Us Choose

From the site:

In January 2010, NPR will launch a year-long exploration of 50 great voices in recorded history. The series isn't an attempt to catalog the so-called "greatest" singers. Instead, we hope to discover and re-discover awe-inspiring vocalists from around the world and across time.

NPR presents to you the top 126 choices, whittled down from thousands of listener nominations. Your job is to try to choose only five from this list to nominate for the top 50. I must say, I'm highly impressed with the diversity of the 126 listed here. Clicking through them, I've run across several artists I've always meant to listen to and explore (Chet Baker, Jackie Wilson, Celia Cruz) and several I've never heard of but now want to investigate (Amalia Rodrigues, Connie Smith, Elis Regina). I'm telling you - it's a music nerd trap of the highest order.

I know, I know - you're just dying to know who I voted for. Well, here are my votes - the first three will be no big surprise:

Morrissey - His voice is unmistakable, and his music has shaped my life more than any other musician.

Tom Waits - The gruffness and the heartache. It gets me every time.

Nina Simone - There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love Nina Simone, and people who are stupid.

And then these two ladies:

Lata Mangeshkar - She is known as the "Queen of Bollywood Music"and is one of the most recorded voices in the world. The only other person who comes close (and according to some, actually surpasses her) is her sister Asha Bhosle.

Asha Bhosle - I'll admit - I just couldn't choose between them! Not for lack of distinction, but because they're both amazing and responsible for some of my favorite music of all time.

Now, there is one person I wanted to vote for, and was surprised to not find on the list:

Blossom Dearie - Her voice is simple, yet unique and moving. One of my favorite singers of all time. It's tragic she's not on the list - particularly since she just passed away in February of this year.

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