Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Straight folks: Use your voice to combat anti-gay bullshit

This is a family. If you think otherwise, go fuck yourself.

The MI marriage case, attempts to legalize discrimination in Arizona and Kansas, the horrible anti-gay bill that just passed in Uganda... It is 2014, yet the attempts to marginalize and demonize LGBT people rages on all over the world. I've recently had some straight folks ask me, "What can I do?" I've given it some thought and here's my answer.

Speak up, speak out and stand up for us. Stop being silent when some willfully ignorant asshole starts saying horrible, inaccurate or ignorant shit about gay people. It doesn't matter if they're your best friend, your mom or your spouse. Stop shying away from confrontation. You don't have to make it an argument. But your silence is met as tacit agreement and gives bigots the illusion that they're part of a robust coalition of like-minded people. We need you to burst their little hate bubble.

During the long struggle for LGBT equality, way too much "equal time" has been given to "both sides" of this fight. It is rarely acknowledged that those fighting for equal rights have a way stronger case. In fact we have the only case. WE have the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Bar Association, American Medical Association and virtually EVERY SINGLE REPUTABLE, PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION IN EXISTENCE on our side. They have a Bible from which they cherry pick, fear of change and basically nothing else. 

Sure, they occasionally present “studies.” But these studies rarely hold up to peer review or a modicum of intellectual scrutiny. Sure, they bring forth “experts” but these "experts" represent a far-right fringe element of their various fields of expertise. These people are easily discredited as every major court case decided in favor of LGBT equality over the last few years has proven.

You have truth on your side. So use it to be a voice for change. Challenge those who try to justify inequality with hand-wringing and vague notions of “family values.” At best these people are ignorant and ill-informed. At worst they are hateful and full of shit. Stand up to them. Let them know you don’t share their views. Let them know you have heard enough. Let them know that you have gay and lesbian people in your life that you care about. Let them know they do not speak for you. Stop letting the hateful, ignorant things people say go unchallenged. 

That’s what you can do. Start today.

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