Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two sweet shows this Saturday in Hamtramck

I don't care which show you go to, just spend your money in Hamtramck. Baby needs new shoes:

If this quote from bassist Karen Neal's recent Real Detroit interview doesn't make you want to go to this reunion show, I am not sure what would: "On our second tour of Europe, we pissed all over Bad Religion's dressing room. They were assholes. We were drinkers back then, we were pretty wild." Plus Betty Cooper opens! It's a sure thing.

You could also head to the New Dodge to see a delightful selection of indie rock goodness courtesy of Destroy This Place and friends. I'm particularly intrigued by Haunted House: not only is their name seasonally timely but, by what I'm hearing on this here YouTube video, their sound absolutely qualify as "Smiths-like." I totally approve.

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