Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonder Twins: Tegan and Sara

New Wonder Twins in today's Metro Times. This time we go to a Tegan and Sara concert. Full twin-on-twin action here.

On an unrelated note, The Drive-By Truckers are coming to St. Andrew's on April 8th - the day before my birthday. Do I want to go? YES! Will I pay Live Nation a $9 service charge on a $20 ticket. No. In fact I'd rather miss the show completely. Which makes me sad. But principles and stuff. That's fucking robbery.

Also, the Buzzcocks are coming to that very same Live Nation venue on Morrissey's birthday. Tickets are $15 and go on sale Friday. How much will the service charge be for this show? Stupid Live Nation a-holes. I feel apoplectic. I need to take up yoga or something.

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