Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wonder Twins Review: The Detroit Music Awards @ The Fillmore Friday April 17

Welcome to a link to the official print column debut of the Wonder Twins (got that? Great!!). On this journey, we take you inside the world of this year’s Detroit Music Awards, where thankfully, you won’t have to stay for nearly as long as we did (unless you’re a really, really slow reader). Though the Wonder Twins column started out as a fluke with our coverage of Detour’s Rock City Fest last summer, the handful of show reviews we’ve done for the Metro Times “Music Blahg” since that fateful, rockin’ weekend have apparrently been viewed, more or less positively by the people. And because we live in a Democracy, and not the state of Ohio, the Metro Times has rewarded our popularity with our own PRINT column in the actual PAPER. This offers us up to a whole new group of readers – most notably, homeless people who will use our words for warmth and those who do not know how to use the internet! These two very important demographics have been denied access to our acerbic wit for far too long. But, as if Obama himself swept into the Motor City and said, “If I could change one thing about Detroit that would have a big impact on the people, what would it be?” the road to the Wonder Twins is now less exclusive and less virtual! Although I cannot in any way promise that, while reading the physical paper version, our column will make you laugh so hard you end up putting your head down on the table, subsequently getting newsprint on your nose and/or forehead, I really, really hope that happens. I would love that.

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