Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Record Review: Lightning Love

For whatever reason, I have trouble with the word "lightning." I always want to add an "e" in there where it doesn't go and spell it "lightening." I pretend to be highly literate, but sometimes things like this bring me right back to the fact there are some words that grade school kids have no trouble with, yet I mess up regularly. I also cannot draw lightning. This has kept me from becoming a serious comic book super star illustrator! While I'm feeling deeply confessional, I also have trouble drawing trees. Though I can spell it. And the singular ("tree"). So there.

Anyhow, the twee pop goodness of Lightning Love has forced me to better examine my inability to spell, and as an added bonus, they've made a great record called November Birthday that would have TOTALLY made my year end list had I heard it in time. Curses! No matter - it's still worth checking out. Here's my review from last week's Metro Times. And draw me a lightning bolt and mail it to me while you're at it. Better yet, draw a lightning bolt on the front of a card and mail it along with a copy of November Birthday to somebody you love who had a birthday in November. Especially if you totally forgot it or got them something really crappy the first time around. Because this will make up for it. Trust me.

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