Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Record Reviews: Jolie Holland and Ten Kens

For the last Obama/McCain debate, I bring you two reviews to read when the debate gets too terribly intense and you need a breather. But be sure you don't look away for too long - you will be sorry if you avert your attention at the very moment that John McCain loses his mind and does a mocking "Stepin Fetchit shuffle" instead of responding to a question about his economic policies and falls off the stage and breaks his hip.* Yes, you'll be able to see it on You Tube the next day set to the tune of "Chocolate Rain," but you will rob yourself of the opportunity to tell your children, "I saw that historical moment live on the television." So just keep that in mind.

Tiny Mix Tapes has my review of the new Jolie Holland. I like this review, because I managed to use both the phrase "Vagina Americans" and "Vagina Canadian." That has been a personal record review goal of mine for some time now. Ms. Holland is coming to Pontiac on Tuesday October 28th, by the way. She's playing the Pike Room, which means a super intimate setting in which to see her. I am excited. You should come out. This last sentence is a plea to both concert goers and closeted homosexuals.

Detour has my review of the debut by Ten Kens which led to me fulfilling yet another one of my record review goals: finding some way to mention Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in the context of an indie rock review. I feel that even though Ten Kens are Canadian (Penis Canadians, sorry) this should still count as successful inclusion.

So, so many shows this weekend and into next week. If you are still unsure as to if you want to go out tomorrow, let me assist you. Yes. You do. Also, more specifically, you want to go see Jennifer O'Connor and The New Year at The Pike Room in Pontiac. It should be a very, very good show... School of Seven Bells w/ Deastro on Friday, Deerhoof Saturday, Mates of State w/ Javelins Sunday, Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour Monday... that's just a small sampling. Wow. Go have some fun soon or it is your own fault.

*I will have you know that I wrote the above portion before I read the news that Nancy Reagan recently fell and fractured her pelvis. I wish Nancy Reagan a speedy recovery, and will even refrain from trying to figure out how to make a "just say no" joke. That is disrespectful. Grow up.


MadMaxine said...

Oddly enough, I turned to this review just as the debate is about to begin, torn between the desire to watch John McCain's latest train wreck and the desire to not waste any more of my time watching them say the same old thing. Will grandpa John finally confront young whippersnapper Barack about his "unsavory associates"? Or will he retain the shred of dignity he snatched back by chastising those who referred to Barack as "an Arab"?

If McCain by some scornful laugh of the gods wins, I am going to become a "Vagina Canadian" instead of a "Vagina American". I said I would when Shrub I won, I said I would when Shrub II won, and this time I really mean it.

So, it IS my own fault that I don't have any fun. I wondered about that.

Seth Boulton said...

I just posted something about Penis Canadians and it vanished. Now it's somewhere out on the internet and I don't know what it's doing...

Lori-Lu said...

Wow, throwing out the Stepin Fetchit shuffle. Seriously, that is the most obscure reference I've ever read on a blog!
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